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A website that focuses on plastic surgery often has before and after pictures, pictures which show a dramatic and desirable transformation. Yet few efforts to promote cosmetic surgery give future patients a glimpse of the swelling and bruising that's associated with a number of such operations. Those problems can become most pronounced following rhinoplasty.
Do not look at liposuction as an easy way to loose weight without enduring the trials of dieting and exercise. Liposuction allows plastic surgery to remedy problems created by the natural storage of body fat. That stored fat builds up under the skin, stretching the support fibers in the fatty tissue. Or go to the center loss weight.
For some individuals an occasional glance in the mirror offers a constant reminder that cosmetic surgery might work wonders. For some men and women, a look at a less than perfect, reflected countenance provides evidence of a need for a facelift.
Blepharoplasty can not change the color of a person's eyes. Plastic surgery performed on the eyelids or eye sockets offers no solution to the individual who wants eyes of a different shade or a different hue. Still, certain segments of the population have concerns about the skin in the region over the eye, or in the eye socket. Such individuals have reason to request cosmetic surgery.
In a society that glamorizes voluptuous breasts, one might wonder why any woman would request a breast reduction. Indeed, the professionals who perform any type of plastic surgery realize that women are more apt to seek a breast augmentation rather than a breast reduction.
Once available only to Hollywood's hottest stars and done in secret, cosmetic surgery has changed the way we view our bodies. Now, at prices only meant to be financed for the common woman, there is no shortage of ways to improve your skin, face, glutes or breast. In 1999, breast augmentation was the number one requested service of plastic surgeons in the United States. Today, only collagen treatments are a more requested surgical procedure.
Unlike the terms "appendectomy" and "tonsillectomy," the term "abdominoplasty" has not gained wide recognition among the general public. Perhaps that is why professionals who perform plastic surgery do not object to use of the term "tummy tuck" for removal from the abdomen of excess fat and skin.